Boss Resources Limited (ASX: BOE) – $0.014 (+8%)

16 Dec 2014

Boss Resources Limited (ASX: BOE) has been granted 12 contiguous exploration permits covering an area approximately 104km2 in the Linnajavri region of northern Norway.


Known has the Linn Project, the area has recently been mapped and sampled by the Norwegian Geological Survey. Results reveal ultramafic rocks hosting high grade sulphide mineralisation. The area has not yet been explored for metallic minerals.


Based on three grab samples (Figure 1) collected and assayed by the company, the mineralisation contains anomalous concentrations of copper (32% Cu), gold (22.8g/t โ€“ 43.7g/t Au), silver (351g/t โ€“ 364g/t Ag) and palladium (3.0g/t โ€“ 3.5g/t Pd).


The company will commence a ground based geophysical program in 1Q2015 to determine whether there are zones of continuous, volumetrically significant sulphide concentrations.


BOE Grab Sample from Linn Project

Figure 1. Grab samples of weathered steatite displaying sulphide mineralisation from the Linn Project



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