Cobre Montana NL (ASX: CXB) – $0.041 (-5%)

27 Jan 2015

Cobre Montana NL (ASX: CXB) has lodged an Exploration Licence for an area contiguous with one of Australia’s largest lithium mines, Greenbushes located 200km south of Perth in Western Australia (Figure 1).


CXB EL location

Figure 1. Location of Exploration Licence Application



The Exploration Licence extends 50km from Donnybrook to Bridgetown along the structural corridor that hosts the Greenbushes Deposit. The application ground covers pegmatite swarms at Brookhamption, Kirup (Mullalyip), Koala Road and Greenbushes South where production for tin and tantalum commenced in 1881. Extensive drilling from 1977 to 1980 identified the lithium resource.



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