Cobre Montana NL (ASX: CXB) – $0.085

20 May 2015

Cobre Montana NL (ASX: CXB) together with technology provider Strategic Metallurgy has achieved a lithium production breakthrough (Figure 1).


CXB Li mini plant

Figure 1. Processing Lepidolite Hill lithium micas in the Strategic Metallurgy mini plant



The breakthrough has seen new lithium extraction technology at the Strategic Metallurgy mini plant located in Perth from samples collected at Lepidolite Hill in southern Western Australia to produce continuous steady state production of lithium carbonate from micas using hydrometallurgical processes. The outcome of this process has not previously been achieved in the lithium sector.


The company’s test protocols have demonstrated the ability to produce lithium chemicals from mica without the need for roasting. The test ore has been ground, digested in sulphuric acid with impurities removed from the solution and the lithium precipitated as lithium carbonate.


Continuous testing is a significant step in the development of disruptive lithium production technology based on recovery of lithium chemicals from micas. The process needs to be extended beyond continuous testing and into commercial product evaluation. This will commence with the production of lithium carbonate from Lepidolite Hill and is scheduled to commence in June 2015. The lithium carbonate will be sent to end users for evaluation and independent product endorsement.



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