Kimberley Diamonds Limited (ASX: KDL) – $0.094

11 Apr 2016

Kimberley Diamonds Limited (ASX: KDL) has commenced open pit mining at the Lerala Diamond Mine in Botswana.


Recommissioning of the process plant is planned to proceed in April 2016 and first production of diamonds is expected in April 2016. The first diamond sales are expected in June 2016.


Mining has commenced at the K3 kimberlite pipe (Figure 1) and operations will continue to develop a buffer stockpile of fresh kimberlite ore. Mining will ramp up in line with the current production schedule to provide a consistent feed to the processing plant.


KDL Lerala Diamond

Figure 1. Mining in the K3 kimberlite starter pit



Plant construction activities continue to progress and the company expects that this will be completed by mid April with recommissioning to commence in late April.



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